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We offer a growing portfolio of insurance pros strategically aligned to provide you with better odds and better options!

Our acquired companies of insurance underwriters and service providers offer customized coverage solutions for businesses with unique and/or hard-to-place risk management needs. Our companies are A+ rated and carry a reputation for remarkable service in developing and managing claims against risk so you and your customers can continue to succeed. What can we help you accomplish?     

Liability insurance programs for the Managed Care industry:
•  All types of Health Plans
•  Prescription Benefit Managers
•  Credentialing / Peer Review / Utilization Review
•  Third Party Administrators
•  Network Management / Provider Services / Health Benefit Purchasing Groups
•  Physician Hospital Organizations


Exclusive CHILL-PRO® insurance programs for Commercial HVAC Full Service Contract Providers:
•  Mechanical failures involving AC and chiller equipment
•  Complete unit coverage (compressor, motor, starter/controls, refrigerants, tubes, condensers)
•  Centrifugal, screw, reciprocating, scroll, and absorption units
•  Large, remote pumps and/or motors (20 hp or larger), and boilers


Exclusive school insurance programs for Student Accident Insurance:
•  Public and Private School students
•  College and University students
•  Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Sports
•  International and Foreign Exchange students
•  Camps and School Trips
•  Catastrophic Insurance Risks
•  Special Events

Exclusive insurance programs for GL, PL, and Property risk management for:
•  Churches and Schools
•  Allied Health
•  Mercantile and Offices
•  Restaurants
•  Habitational
•  Convenience Stores & Gas Stations

Liability insurance programs for Healthcare providers including:
•  Health Express
•  Non-standard Physicians
•  Correctional Health
•  Risk Management
•  Social Services