Managing General Agents Succession Solution

The MGA, Program Administrator
and Wholesale Succession Solution!

We get it: you’ve planned, launched, and fought for your company’s success through thick and thin. Your vision, your goals, your work. The business isn’t part of you — it is you! So, what’s next?

What are your MGA succession goals?

  • Portfolio diversification
  • An easier path to retirement
  • Resource expansion

DOXA INSURANCE HOLDINGS is a Midwest company acquiring small- to medium-size Managing General Agents (MGAs) across the U.S. As a result, our strategically-assembled family of companies offers specialized risk management solutions for organizations in need of crucial Excess & Surplus, Property & Casualty, Specialty, and Micro-Specialty coverages. Let’s create your succession strategy!

DOXA’s vow to each MGA’s legacy

DOXA fills a gap within the insurance industry clouded by the “bigger is better” mentality. Acquisitions that focus only on larger MGAs typically result in downsized or eliminated staff, shuttered or absorbed brands, and cost-cutting for the sole purpose of increasing valuation for flipping the entity a few years later.

DOXA presents a positive succession alternative. For MGAs with less than $75 million in annual premium seeking a reliable, realistic transition and growth option (one that expands rather than changes or disrupts the MGA’s legacy), a conversation with DOXA may be the ideal solution. DOXA is founded on integrity, respect, transparency, and responsibility. We start with a smart plan and constructive conversation about preserving the organization and leveraging the intellectual capital you and your team bring to the table.

Let’s talk. We’ll create a solution that continues your legacy.

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