Bradshaw Insurance Group: A Generational Specialty Insurance Business

Bradshaw Insurance Agency was founded in November of 1859 by William H. Bradshaw.  William came to Delphi, Indiana from Grand Ledge, Michigan. After years as  a jeweler William created a local retail insurance agency focussed on providing insurance for local Delphi residents. 

Over the next 150 years the small local agency evolved into a specialized, nationally recognized commercial auto insurance MGA and TPA brand. Although the brand has grown, BIG has kept the original core values of a small business focussed on community and finding your clients unique and cost efficient solutions to cover owner operators and fleets across the country. 

Bradshaw Insurance Group (BIG) has been passed down generation to generation, with each generation contributing a new segment to the company’s overall success. Currently Bradshaw Insurance Group (BIG) is run by it’s 6th generation family member, Stacy M. Bradshaw. 

Stacy grew up in the insurance industry. After going to school for accounting and expanding her knowledge in business she moved back into the family business. Not only did she bring in expert knowledge, she is the first female to own and operate BIG in the 150 years since its inception. 

With a focus on operations management and client service Stacy was able to grow Bradshaw into one of the leading Commercial Auto MGA’s in the country. With a strong reputation of hard work, trust and Stacy’s ability to modernize operations, BIG is the future of the commercial auto insurance industry. 

What Bradshaw Does

Bradshaw under their trade name of Transportation Insurors is the leading choice for Commercial Auto Insurance for owner operators and small trucking fleets across the country. BIG understands small business needs to have reliable coverage at a rate that is affordable. In recent years the insurance market has had major fluctuations, making it hard for small commercial auto businesses to find affordable insurance options. By understanding your client, BIG is able to offer stable and unique options for insuring their trucks. 

How can they Help?

With so many options you need a partner who is able to cover your clients unique needs. BIG offers a wide range of quality products to help your clients. 

  • Non-Trucking Liability
  • Unladen Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • General Liability 
  • Cargo 
  • Passenger Accident
  • Occupational Accident
  • And, more…

To further customize your clients coverage, BIG offers many additional coverages. Your client can opt into additional equipment endorsements, personal effects insurance towing endorsements and other similar add-on coverages that bring value to this specialized field.

To find out more about the unique coverages we can offer your clients contact one of our experts. With the ideals of quality over quantity your clients will have a trusted partner in the insurance industry when they choose Bradshaw Insurance Group.

Bradshaw Insurance Group: A Generational Specialty Insurance Business