Calling All Niche Insurance Agents: How To Start Selling To The Top Specialty Insurance Markets

Specialty Programs for Insurance Agents

The specialty programs offered by DOXA Insurance Holdings are A+ rated, and offer exceptional service.

Why not have a look at the portfolio of niche liability insurance programs offered by DOXA Insurance Holdings?

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Ultra Risk Advisors

Ultra Risk Advisors, previously part of the National Specialty Underwriters Healthcare Division, has been operating since 1995.

They are specialist program administrators in the healthcare industry who work with insurance brokers.

Ultra offers specialty programs and wholesale brokerage within these healthcare industries:

  • Correctional Healthcare
  • Medical Imaging
  • Physician Groups
  • Non-Standard Physicians
  • Medical Facilities
  • Additional Niche Markets

Promont Insurance Advisors

Promont Insurance Advisors provide insurance solutions for hard-to-place markets through insurance brokers and insurance agents

Promont offers customized coverage solutions to these markets:

  • Habitational
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel and Motel
  • Retail and Offices
  • Allied Health
  • Churches and Schools

Marine Underwriters of America

Marine Underwriters of America (MUA) offers marine and inland insurance solutions. MUA is headed by Mike Hartley. He has been in the marine underwriting business for more than 32 years!

MUA understands the market and associated challenges of the marine industry better than most, and as a result, they are able to exceed expectations by offering the very best solutions for land and sea.

MUA specializes in:

  • Commercial Recreational Marine Risks
  • Accounts of various sizes, with premiums from $1,500
  • Small hull fleets
  • Specialized underwriting for marine business
  • New artisan marine program
  • Accounts that are difficult to place

KidGuard Student Accident Insurance

Children are covered at school with KidGuard Insurance Student Accident Protection. Insurance solutions are offered to students in public and private school, vocational and technical schools, as well as colleges and universities.

Coverage includes:

  • Group Travel
  • Head Start Programs
  • Before and After School Programs
  • Pre-School Programs
  • Special Trips and Excursions
  • International and Foreign Exchange Student Coverage
  • Catastrophic Risk Coverage
  • Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Sports Programs
  • Intramural Sports Programs
  • Competitive Cheerleading Participant Coverage
  • Sports Camps, Recreational or Educational Camps
  • Club Sports
  • Sports Leagues

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Calling All Niche Insurance Agents: How To Start Selling To The Top Specialty Insurance Markets