Enhancing Coverage Options: Exciting New Programs from Transportation Insurors

Transportation Insurors continues to redefine excellence in insurance offerings by introducing two new programs designed to meet the evolving needs of agents and insureds. As a trusted partner, Transportation Insurors is committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance coverage and protect businesses in the transportation sector. In this blog post, we delve into the exciting details of these new opportunities and how they further solidify Transportation Insurors’ reputation as a premier insurance provider.

Cyber Liability: Safeguarding Trucking Clients in the Digital Age

The first addition to Transportation Insurors’ lineup is the Cyber Liability program. In a world where digital vulnerabilities can have far-reaching consequences, this coverage offers invaluable protection to trucking clients. You might be wondering, “Why do my trucking clients need Cyber coverage?” Let’s explore two compelling scenarios that highlight the importance of this coverage:

Scenario 1: A freight broker’s system is infiltrated by hackers, and their customers, along with affiliated distribution companies, become targets of cyberattacks. The hackers might pose as the broker and solicit carriers, or they could impersonate the broker to deceive clients and seek financial compensation for fabricated discrepancies in invoices.

Scenario 2: A former employee with ill intentions gains access to your client’s sensitive information and proceeds to sell customers’ records, including credit card details, bank information, and personal data, on the dark web.

Transportation Insurors recognizes the urgency of offering this coverage to clients. The Cyber Liability program provides comprehensive protection against cyber threats, ensuring that your clients’ businesses remain secure in an increasingly digital world. To learn more and gain access to this web-based program, reach out to our dedicated Sales Team at sales@transportationinsurors.com.

Auto Liability – Hard to Place Risks: Expanding Coverage Possibilities

The second addition is the Auto Liability program, specially designed for hard-to-place risks. Transportation Insurors is excited to offer access to a second auto liability carrier, enhancing its ability to provide quick turn-around on quotes. This program is tailored to target markets with up to 10 power units across various states, excluding: FL, HI, KY, LA, MA, NC, NJ & NY.

Key Target Commodities include select hazmat classifications, both emergency and non-emergency ambulances, auto repossession with garage keepers, public livery, and UIIA. For accounts with more than 10 units, a slightly longer quote turn-around timeframe may be required. Access is predominantly available in the Midwest & Rocky Mountain region, with options in both Admitted and Non-Admitted markets.

Transportation Insurors’ process for obtaining a quote is streamlined, requiring vehicle and driver schedules, IFTA records, currently valued loss runs, and MVRs. Additionally, listing all hauled commodities and their corresponding percentages is crucial to ensure accurate coverage.

The launch of these new programs reaffirms Transportation Insurors’ commitment to offering cutting-edge coverage solutions tailored to the unique needs of the transportation sector. The Cyber Liability program addresses the increasing digital risks faced by trucking clients, while the Auto Liability program expands coverage possibilities for hard-to-place risks. With a reputation for excellence and a focus on innovation, Transportation Insurors continues to lead the way in providing insurance solutions that empower businesses in the ever-changing landscape of the transportation industry. To learn more and take advantage of these programs, contact Transportation Insurors’ Sales Team today.

Enhancing Coverage Options: Exciting New Programs from Transportation Insurors