Insuring Emerging Risks: How MGAs are Positioned to Help Agents

As new industries, technologies, and societal changes emerge, they bring with them unique risks that require specialized insurance coverage. Insuring emerging risks presents challenges for insurance agents who may not have the expertise or market access to address these evolving needs. That’s where Managing General Agents (MGAs) play a crucial role. MGAs, with their expertise and market relationships, are well-positioned to assist agents in navigating the complex landscape of insuring emerging risks. In this article, we will explore the concept of insuring emerging risks, highlight the role of MGAs, and discuss how they can support agents in addressing these challenges.

Understanding Emerging Risks

Emerging risks encompass new or evolving threats that traditional insurance policies may not adequately cover. These risks can arise from technological advancements, changes in societal behavior, legal and regulatory developments, or environmental factors. Examples of emerging risks include autonomous vehicles, cyber liability, cryptocurrency, drones, and cannabis-related businesses.

The Role of MGAs

MGAs are specialized intermediaries that have in-depth knowledge of specific industries, niches, or emerging risks. They work closely with carriers, wholesalers, and agents to provide underwriting expertise, market access, and tailored insurance solutions. MGAs are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between carriers and agents, offering expertise in niche markets and emerging risks that may not be readily available through traditional insurance channels.

How MGAs Help Agents in Insuring Emerging Risks

  • Expertise in Niche Markets: MGAs specialize in specific industry segments or emerging risks, allowing them to develop deep expertise in these areas. They understand the unique risks associated with emerging industries and can provide agents with valuable insights, risk assessment, and underwriting guidance.
  • Market Access and Relationships: MGAs have established relationships with carriers, enabling agents to access specialized markets and insurance products designed for emerging risks. This access is crucial when traditional carriers may be hesitant to provide coverage for unfamiliar or rapidly changing industries.
  • Tailored Coverage Solutions: MGAs work closely with agents to understand the specific needs of their clients in emerging industries. They can provide customized insurance solutions that address the unique risks and exposures these clients face. This tailored approach ensures comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for insureds.
  • Risk Management Support: In addition to insurance coverage, MGAs often offer risk management services to help agents and their clients mitigate and manage emerging risks. They can provide guidance on risk prevention, loss control measures, and best practices specific to the emerging industries.
  • Keeping Pace with Changing Landscapes: Emerging risks are dynamic and continuously evolving. MGAs actively monitor these changing landscapes, staying up-to-date with industry trends, regulatory developments, and emerging risks. They provide agents with the latest insights, ensuring they can offer relevant and timely coverage options to their clients.

Insuring emerging risks presents both challenges and opportunities for insurance agents. MGAs play a crucial role in helping agents navigate the complex landscape of insuring these evolving industries and unique risks. With their expertise, market access, and tailored coverage solutions, MGAs assist agents in addressing the emerging risk needs of their clients. By partnering with MGAs, agents can provide comprehensive coverage options, access specialized markets, and stay ahead in an ever-changing insurance landscape.


Insuring Emerging Risks: How MGAs are Positioned to Help Agents