Chill-Pro® is comprehensive commercial HVAC service contract insurance designed for commercial HVAC service contractors who sell their customers full service and maintenance agreements. Coverage includes the cost of replacement parts and labor when the HVAC equipment that contractors maintain under a full-service agreement suddenly and accidentally breaks down or fails.

Chill-Pro® has helped thousands of HVAC service contractors nationwide sell more full-service agreements by using cost-effective insurance to manage contract costs and protect margins. Chill-Pro® Insurance is an annual and renewable insurance policy that covers breakdown risks tied to guaranteed/comprehensive service contracts.

Include Chill-Pro® in Full Maintenance Contracts for:

  • Compressors, Motors, Pumps
  • Boilers, Heat Exchangers
  • Electronics, Controls, Control Panels
  • Refrigerant, Coils, and Tubes
  • Labor costs, Overhead
  • Cranes, Rigging, and Truck Charges

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