Why Agents should consider Student Accident Coverage for their School Accounts

Your school administrator client has devoted their life to the education of students. Did you know within the U.S. there are 78.6 million kids in schools across the country? The most important part of your clients job is ensuring these students not only learn in the classroom, but through participation in extracurricular activities. Participation in extracurricular outings/sports is vital in order to provide a well rounded education to set students up for success. 

Having an increase in participation is exciting for a school’s administration; for you as an agent there is also an increase in liability. With increased participation it is inevitable for an accident to occur. Some injuries are as minor as a scraped elbow, and some may be as major as a broken leg. The question then becomes how can my client best protect their students and their school from undue financial burden? 

Well we have the answer, KidGuard student accident insurance. As one of the leading student liability experts with over 40 years of student accident insurance experience, Kidguard can find a program to fit your school.  Kidguard offers specialty programs for Public Schools, Private Schools, Summer Camps, Before and Aftercare, school sponsored athletics and  Pre-K. 

What is Student Accident Insurance?

Student accident insurance is purchased by an educational institution to cover students and other volunteers/administrators from undue costs associated with injury on school grounds or at a school sanctioned event. Generally school administration will purchase this policy as an excess or add on to a current policy. For instance, if a student is injured at school or through a school sanctioned extracurricular, the students would go through their own insurance first. The school would then be liable for what is not directly covered, i.e. copays, deductibles or out-of-pocket payments or any items that the student or their parents would pay for. If a parent has to pay for these items out of pocket, then they can in turn sue the school for reimbursement leaving the school with a heavy financial burden. 

So how does student accident insurance address this issue? 

If a student signed up to participate in an athletic program through the school, the coaches and school take on the responsibility of ensuring the students safety. For instance if there was lightning  a coach is responsible for calling practice. The students would then be rushed inside to the locker room. On the way to the locker room, the floor being wet, one of the players may slip and cause injury to their ankle. An ambulance would be called and take the student to the hospital in order to receive the appropriate medical treatment. Once treatment is received the school and parents would then be able to fill out the accident report, entirely online, to be submitted to a Kidguard claims specialist. The parents would then notify the medical provider they have secondary insurance through the school. The claims would first be processed through the parents insurance, then anything left uncovered would be processed through the schools student accident insurance. 

Why you need Student Accident Coverage

You may be asking why does my client need student accident insurance if the school has insurance? 

Student accident insurance is not a mandatory insurance program for a school institution, but if your client is an administrator at a public school, private school, a camp organization, or an institution that oversees students they should have student accident insurance. A small injury can evolve into multiple liability claims or a lawsuit. Your client’s staff can follow every school rule, every safety rule set forth by the school district but a parent with an injured child may still feel a school is to blame for their child’s injury. 

By having student accident insurance your client is able to settle an injury claim without it damaging their schools reputation or harming the relationship between administrators and their students and parents. 

Having student accident insurance shows your client cares about their students and their families safety and education. 

Choose Kidguard Today 

When it comes down to students, your client, as an administrator, wants them to have the best, most well rounded educational environment to thrive in. One of the most important parts of a well rounded education is participation in school and extracurricular events. There is an increase in liability for the school as a whole, even with the most thought out of events there can be accidents. It only takes one accident to cause severe financial burden on a school, which in turn can diminish the value of education students are able to receive. Help your clients protect their school, protect their students and protect their educational future with KidGuard.

Why Agents should consider Student Accident Coverage for their School Accounts