Your Commercial HVAC Contractor Clients Need to Know About this Coverage

Do you have a contractor client who has had the trouble of offering a full service agreement for a commercial property because of the uncertainty and risk? What if there was a new and innovative way to fix that decades old problem of offering a full service agreement with the possibility of incurring a massive financial hit if something breaks or triple your price and lose out to another contractor? Well with the invention of Chill Pro there is a way for your clients to offer full service and maintenance agreements, keep the price low for the building managers and the liability low for your clients. Chill Pro is one of the only companies within the HVAC contractors insurance space to offer a program that will lower the cost for contractor and client creating a win-win solution. So you may be asking, what is HVAC contract insurance? 

What is HVAC Contract Insurance?

An HVAC contractor has the job of helping clients keep heat and air running through office buildings and commercial properties all throughout the year. One of the biggest problems contractors face is what happens if equipment you have under contract breaks. Full service and maintenance agreements are offered by most HVAC contractors at an increased price to maintain and fix any problems that arise during the life of the contract. For a contractor this can be a great way to ensure funds for normal maintenance and consistent business. However, the problem arises when there is a costly and timely repair that is not part of normal maintenance. These repairs can easily cost more than the cost of the full service and maintenance agreements. You may think your client can just opt out of offering these agreements. However, most contractors will offer these agreements which can cause your client to lose out on business. 

So the question then becomes how can I help protect my client and their business? The answer is with HVAC contract insurance. HVAC contract insurance is an innovative way to protect your clients’ hardwork and business from costly repairs by insuring the contract itself for cost of repairs, labor and charges related to fixing or replacement of the unit. 

What does Chill Pro offer?

Now that your client has their contract covered by Chill Pro, what specifically can be covered by HVAC contract insurance? Chill Pro Service Contract Insurance covers mechanical and electrical failures for air conditioning and chiller equipment that is part of a full service or maintenance agreement. A full service agreement ensures that a unit will be fixed to working condition. These repairs become very costly to the HVAC contractor if there is any major failure costing more than what the agreement was sold for. With a Chill Pro contract insurance plan your client should not have to pay anything out of the business for a costly repair. Chill Pro insurance plans will cover the cost of parts, labor, rigging and truck charges. 

What is the process?

How do I get my client a Commercial HVAC Service contract? The first step is to have your client inspect the HVAC system they are working on or bidding on. Based on prior maintenance and the systems current operations come up with a budget to fit all the normal maintenance as well as some preventative cost. Then reach out to the Chill Pro experts for a quote to cover full system breakdowns and unexpected costs to the system. Once you have this information it is easy for your client to confidently submit a bid. After your client is awarded the contract, let’s say a year later, there is a mechanical breakdown in the HVAC system. What to do from here? It is quite simple: your client  will inspect and note the cause and repair estimates then submit a claim with their Chill Pro advisor. Once all the information is in, your client will start the repairs and submit all costs to Chill Pro to receive the insurance claim check, leaving the building manager happy and your clients business thriving. 

Why choose Chill Pro?

Jim Wilson started Chill Pro in the 1990s with the ideals of helping the hard working HVAC contractors. With a long standing history of hard work and care for their clients Chill Pro is ready to help. With the ability to lower your clients’ risk and save them money by offering an easy solution for current and future contracts, your client can offer the best service and grow their business without worry. Help your clients protect their profits with Chill Pro. 

Your Commercial HVAC Contractor Clients Need to Know About this Coverage